Entry #7

Main Series

2014-03-14 12:50:56 by Spades10

Yes it's a Main Series. THE G.A.M.E will be continuing as well, I'll be working on that soon enough. But anyways, I got a main series going called: Tales of Wisdom. Basically here's the synopsis of the story

On a lovely day in Mobius, as usual the heroes stopping evil from doing anything in attempt to harm anyone and/or anything on Mobius. During the fight a strange bizarre like portal opened up in the sky of Mobius, thus bringing Mobius, and the Inhabitants of the planet through this warp portal known as a Dimensional Rift. From there, their traveling to a Dimension Much much far from their Dimension called the 3rd dimension. Thus some of the Mobians landed on a Planet called Rukon. From there, two Rukonians Known as DJ, and Spades Aids the Mobians, and help them get back to their Home planet, and also find their friends as well. Thus, embarking on a Journey, that could change everything for them.

So the first few episodes are already made, and uploaded to my Deviantart page go there for them if you wanna see what it's like. That's all guys See ya :D


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2014-03-22 17:19:44

Liking Tales of Wisdom, pretty cool plot and characters.


2014-11-08 15:26:37

Will be a Tales of Wisdom 4?