Can't say i'm not busy no more

2009-11-05 14:05:36 by Spades10

My hands are super glued with all this work. I'm trying to get it all done. However, It's gonna take some time.

1st:Sprites are going well. A few tweaks here and there.

2nd:Flash is going good. working on it still.

3rd:Lost all my actionscripts because of a virus. So now i'll have to make them over
again. Won't be doing that for a while.

4th:I will let you know the day theflashs comes out. Till then havea a nice day.

5th:Gonna make a banner but not now.



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2010-02-03 20:39:24



2010-07-11 20:18:57

I hope you update soon!


2010-12-19 20:57:41

Hey it's been a while since I ever even PM'd you. And by the way the last time I did PM you was when I showed you my character, Sapphire. You were probably dissapointed I didn't give you a sheet, but I don't know how to make them so fast. If you tell me I'll just make the entire sheet of her and give it to you in no time.


2010-12-20 18:51:46

Never mind about my previous comment.


2011-06-15 23:30:37

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2011-10-12 13:27:46

HOW CAN I MAKE BANNERS?but i'll send you my character soon.