Flash movie

2009-10-21 19:15:45 by Spades10

I wanted to make a flash movie so I did. I hope it turns out good.


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2009-10-21 20:04:39

hey, looks like a good story, just one MAJOR TIP, make sure if you ever make any part with voices that you use DECENT VOICEACTING, if you do ever use real voices, voice acting that isn't decent enough can hurt ratings very badly

Spades10 responds:

Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.


2009-10-21 22:04:18

okim done with my sprite and he doesnt have to be flying he can stand and fly

Spades10 responds:

Awesome, I'll make some new sprites, and let you know any updates I have made.


2009-10-24 00:14:58

ok thanx and i cant wait to see galaxy fighters